Friday, 18 April 2014

The role of lawyers in our society

Lawyers can shape the present and the future of our society. They are so important that he first signs of lawyers are seen since ancient Greece. The firs lawyers were the orators in the ancient city state of Athens. People were allowed to protect themselves with the help of someone. However the in ancient time the profession of lawyer did not become one until later in roman empire and then later became illegal.

The judicial system cannot be operated without the help of lawyers. They play a necessary role in the judicial system. People with no mean of access to judicial system are always in need for the support and advice. Imagine how difficult may be for a person that does not know the laws, so they loose access to the judicial system. Therefore the importance of a lawyer is fundamental to our society.

The lawyers have different roles when acting as the representative to their clients. They act as an evaluator, where the legal affairs of a client are being inspected and they report them to the client or to a second party. They act as a negotiator in benefit to their clients and on the same time they establish an honest relationship with consent and approval from others. They act as an advocate to their clients ensuring that the laws are used properly.  They also act as an adviser, where the legal system and the client’s legal rights are explained to those in need to their services. 

Not only the lawyers act as representatives and in benefit to their clients they also act as mediators in a law dispute or other matter. For example, while the two parties agree to the mediation process they decide not to leave the premises without arriving in a conclusion. In this case the lawyer acts as a third party referee or neutral. In this case a conflict between two parties has been avoided.

They have changed the way the legal system works from ancient societies to modern times.  Is important to remember t the common law system has been changed throughout time.  The changes have been done gradually with the help of lawyers. Cases once closed ere used as precedent to the upcoming ones. The layers and their patience have achieved these changes and therefore a great addition to the democratic society system throughout the years.

Layers also help on the decision making process for the newcomers to the country. They have not the means to protect or to have a general knowledge towards the laws of a different country therefore the help of lawyers is definitely a must. A person who is not familiar with the language of a country and let alone the laws of that country cannot act as a lawyer to protect himself. However the services provided by lawyers have their downside. To start with their services are very expensive and require a lot of patience to deal with and London solicitors help the clients in London and providing professional assistant about legal issues.

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